Description PoolWaterLAB

 The water tester comes with free software to use in your PC and Mac and an app for Android and iOS. There is also a free cloud service to help you harmonize data between your computer and smartphone. You can easily access your test results stored in the cloud system with ease.

 The electronic water tester special edition is very power efficient. You will not need to replace the 3 x AAA batteries it uses regularly. Again, our photometer comes with a user manual, making it easy to use at home and by anyone. The user guide is written in 5 major languages English, German, French, Spanish, and Italian.

 Our water tester box contains 3 x AAA batteries, water extraction syringe, light protection cap, plastic stirrer, reagent tablets, and a user manual. The photometer also comes with a strong storage box to keep the device and reagents safe. Besides, you will get 20 tablets DPD N° 1 (free chlorine), 20 tablets phenol red (pH), 10 tablets DPD N° 3 (bound / total chlorine), 10 tablets CYA test (cyanuric acid/stabilizer) 10 tablets Alkalinity-M (alkalinity/acid capacity).