Are you in doubt about accuracy?

There is a set of benchmarks that you can use to check the accuracy of your PoolWaterLAB

  1. This set of standards is intended to check the accuracy of your PoolWaterLAB if you have doubts, as statistics show the device is accurate just people do not always use it correctly.(for reference, in five years 200,000 PoolLabs have been sold, all of them are still in operation - Percentage of defect 0.002%)
  2. Read the testimonials on our PoolWaterLAB website, where customers tell us what they did wrong and their experience at the end.
  3. Contact our support team by Chat or mail.
  4. If you want to verify the accuracy of the device yourself, you can order a set of standards here 

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 This product has received both positive and negative reviews. Almost all of the negative views stem from buyers who are getting wildly inaccurate readings. That was my experience when I first began using the PoolWaterLAB water tester. It is important to follow the instructions in the correct order, which is not made entirely clear in the instructions.

1. Turn the unit on
2. Add water for testing
3. Only then press the ZERO button
4. Only then add the tablet
5. Be sure it is fully dissolved with the provided stirring stick. This could take up to 2 minutes
6. Cover the testing well
7. Only then press the appropriate testing button (e.g., fCl for Free Chlorine)
I was able to get accurate readings following these instructions.