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PoolLab 1.0 is a triple wavelength photometer for professional water analysis of private pools and spas

Our electronic water tester is designed to help you test your water like a professional. It comes in a modern and enhanced edition to help you get quick and accurate results.

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Bought the device instead of paying someone every week to check my pool levels. Very easy to use. Everything is self explanatory! The automated assistant answered all the questions I had.


New York, NY


Awesome system. Takes all the guesswork out.

Sylvia Warren

Pretty much identical to the more expensive versions on the market. Great value for money. Couldn't be happier.

Amazon Customer

This thing is so much easier, more convenient, and more accurate than trying to match colors on strips or liquids. Given the significantly higher price than the manual methods, I was skeptical but this is worth the money to remove the guesswork.

Amazon Customer
PrimeLab 2.0 Photometer for Professional Use Only (Measures 140 Parameters)PoolLab 1.0 -  DPD N° 1 for Free Chlorine Bromine and Ozone TestingPoolLab 1.0 -  DPD N° 3 for Chlorine (Combined/Total) and Ozone TestingPoolLab 1.0 - Special Edition 13 in 1- Electronic Pool Water Tester, Bluetooth, Professional Pool and Spa Water Testing for Home Easy to Use (Works with Solid or Liquid reagents)PoolLab 1.0 - TesTabs Acidifying PT Photometer - Aux. Tablets to Measure HYD. HR

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You don’t need to hire a professional to help you use our water tester. PoolLab 1.0 comes with a user manual that is easy to read and understand.

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